An official Superteam straight from the Four Colour World of Supersystem!

From the left to the right: Freya, Major Meteor, Reichsadler and Heimdall

After the traitorous action of Hauptmann von Stahl (see the write-up for the Blitzkrieg Battalion in the SuperSystem rule book), Himmler ordered the development of new and totally dedicated Supersoldiers for the Reich. The secret project received the code name “Übersoldat”.

Formed from an all volunteer cadre of the hardest soldiers and often accompanied by the dreaded Mecha Panzer the Übersoldaten have proven capable of matching any Allied supers.

Freya – Flare Girl

Lisa von Luck led a charmed life even through the first years of the war. Her parents are leading scientist of the Nazi regime, and while other families suffered she had a more or less carefree life. That changed when her parents had to take her into the secret Bunker of the Übersoldat project to get her into shelter during a devastating Allied bomber attack.
The bunker was shaken to the very core during the raid and Lisa fled her relatively safe room. She stumbled into one of the secret labs where the door was left open. When the next bomb hit the secret complex several untested chemicals crashed on her and burned her face horribly. The chemicals also transformed her eyes and granted her amazing dexterity. Lisa is now able to direct blinding light flashes at her enemies from her unshielded eyes. She possesses a single-minded dedication to crushing the enemies of Reich that she believes are the source of her misery. Although not as valorous as Reichsadler, she has become a valued member of the Übersoldat Team.

Major Meteor

Major Meteor was also active during WW II. Stranded on earth and treated by ruthless project “Übersoldat” scientist with their experimental mind-ray he was lured into the Nazi Supersoldier program. During the end of the war he freed himself from the mental block and fought in some crucial moments for the Allies. After that he disappeared in a temporal Vortex of unknown energy...


The Soldier known as the Reichsadler (Eagle of the Reich) is the undisputed leader of the Übersoldaten. A Veteran of the Russian campaign he has seen all kinds of atrocities on both sides of the conflict. He fears the worst for Germany should the Russians ever win the war. His dedication for the Fatherland led him to volunteer for the Übersoldat project after a serious combat injury. The resulting experiments granted him telekinetic flight and   enhanced mental capacity that enables him to crush enemies by the power of his thoughts alone.

Heimdall – the Steel Soldier – “Stahlsoldat”

Not much is known about Heimdall. A nameless, shell-shocked German soldier, he was enhanced by Project Übersoldat scientists. They succeeded beyond their expectations in creating a steel-clad, super-powered combat machine, but at times the frail human system still locked within him just can’t handle the stress…


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