The incredible Hulk

Bruce Banner was abused as a child by his dad. He killed his dad when he was a teenager. After colleague he became an accomplished scientist and nuclear physicist. He was working on Gamma Bomb for the US government, when Rick Jones was on the testing site for the bomb. Bruce got Jones out of the way, but he himself got bombarded with gamma rays and turned into the Hulk, as a product of Banner's split personality. (At first, such changes occurred with with the sunset, reverting at dawn. Later, Banner would change with the adrenaline rush of excitement or anger.)
For years, Banner lived as a fugitive, with the American government hunting the Hulk. At times, Banner was able to control his Hulk persona with a degree of his own intelligence, but more often than not the child-like Hulk lashed out. Over time, three distinct personalities emerged: the Gray (self-assured and cocky) Hulk, the Intelligent (Banner-driven) Hulk, and the Savage (child-like, irrational, and angry) Hulk. Eventually, the world soon knew Banner's secret identity.

The following rules are game stats for the Savage Hulk.

SuperSystem stats (2nd Edition:)

The incredible Hulk
Avengers or None
BP: 85
AP: 6
Strength: 6(2), Agility: 4, Mind: 2, Resolve: 4, Initiative: 4

  • Berserker (The Hulk can channel his rage into more resolve. The longer he fights the stronger and meaner he gets.)
  • Growth x 1
    --Always On (It is quite easy to hit something that BIG!)
  • Super Leap (The Hulk often uses his strong legs legs for flight like jumps)
    --Extra Bounce x 2
  • Super-Strength x 2 (The Hulk is one of the strongest beings on earth.)

Vitality: 12

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