One of my favourite movie villain - the Predator. I start with Mark Copplestones great Hunter aliens. They look a bit like a famous movie Alien hunting down Arnold in the jungle...

Again the Predator. This time in full stealth mode. I painted a clear model from Ainisty Casting with thinned down clear blue Revell Airbrush color. The whole model was then put on a scenic jungle base. A bit further down you can see the stats I used for playing the Predator with the SuperSystem.

SuperSystem stats (2nd edition):

The Predator
BP: 85
AP: 8
Strength: 4, Agility: 5, Mind: 3, Resolve: 4, Initiative: 5

  • Combat Sense x 3
  • Enhanced Senses x 1 (different augmented Vision modes -heatvision mode detects the exposed heat signatures of warm-blooded lifeforms; electrovision mode is best used for detecting nearby Aliens; PredTech vision mode is a sophisticated type of visual filter. It is unknown how it works, but theories point toward the opposite of the thermal vision mode, which means that the PredTech vision mode detects cold-blooded sources (Predators, certain plants and animals, etc.) instead of warm-blooded.)
    Healing (Medicomp)
  • Invisibility (Cloaking Field Generator)
  • Melee Attack x 3 (Wristblades or Combistick)
    -- Super x 1
  • Ranged Attack - 18”, Dam: 5D6 (Plasmacaster)
    -- Reduced Range x 3

Vitality: 8

15mm Predator (Khurasan Minis)

Ainisty Castings INAPs (?)


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