Liberty League

The Liberty League

“America and the world’s premier team of heroes in the Golden Age is the Liberty League, assembled by the intervention of Dr. Tomorrow and the order of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The League will inspire generations of heroes to come, but during World War II they’re just starting their own careers, taking part in the adventures that will become so famous.

Although the Liberty League was formed by Presidential order and serves the cause of America, the team is not beholden to the government. Its members are patriotic and gladly follow the directives of their President, but later years clearly show that the Liberty League doesn’t answer to either him or the U.S. government - something that will cause concern in the U.S. Congress and other departments. Patriot is a government agent because of the way in which he acquired his powers, but other members of the League are not.”

That is the Intro to the Liberty League. A team of Golden Age Superheroes created for Mutants and Masterminds. You can find more about this team in the fantastic source book “Golden Age” for M&M. If you like Golden Age heroes, this is YOUR book - highly recommended.

I immediately wanted to play with some of these heroes using the Supersystem rules.

And here is my first conversion: Lady Liberty! The mini started as a Heroclix miniature. Jewel from the Sinister expansion. I removed some of the mold lines, cleaned the mini with a mild paint thinner and sculpted a miniskirt on her. The skirt is of course dangerously short, which can be seen from behind. You just have to be a bit sexist on a 40s mini, or?



After that it was only some careful painting. The Supersystem Stats to use her together with the Freedom’s Five are here:

SuperSystem stats (2nd Edition:)

Lady Liberty
Liberty League
BP: 85
AP: 8+3
Strength:6[2], Agility:4, Mind: 4, Resolve: 3, Initiative: 4
Combat Sense x 3
Escape Artist x 1
Extra Movement x 3
--Only While flying
Vitality: 9



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