Space Marines

Blood Angel Primarch Sanguinius

Minis sculpted (probably) by Scibor. I bought the minis quite cheap on ebay. IMO one of the best aftermarket Sanguinius sculpts! Since I still do not like NMM I used good old fashioned gold and brown ink.

Scale comparison...

Ultramarine, Heresy era Thousand Son, Space Wolf

Ongoing Projects...

Here you will find occasionally some painted Space Marines. After selling my Space Wolves in 2002, it was always itching me to start Marines again. I am still not sure which chapter to choose, since GW pumped out 1000+ special rules and chapters...
Well see.

I start with a Deathwatch Marine. Small conversion, the upper body is a Bike Marine, the rest just out of the box plastic (plus the DW shoulder pad). And of course his last xeno scum victim has to be on the base.



Black Templars

Nice background, nice rules and IMO nice colour scheme. I started with the Emperors Champion, after that just one Trooper to see how fast I can be.






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