Sisters of Battle

While painting my first Horus Heresy Sister of Silence I decided to dig out my 15 year old Sister of Battle army and take some proper photos. The old army pics are still shown a bit down below...



One of my ongoing projects: The Sisters of Battle!

Since the time the Sisters were coming out for WH 40K second ed, I always liked them. The background story Gav puts together is IMO one of the best ever done for any GW codex. The background alone is reason enough to get the old codex. ;-)

Anyway, I started work on the Sisters like 3 years ago with one normal squad and a preacher. At this time I also came up with the idea of putting Tyranid parts on the bases of most Sisters. I think it is always a good idea to give the whole army a special theme.

The order of the Ebon chalice was chosen for aesthetically reasons alone.

Codex Witch Hunter has arrive for Warhammer 40K!

Since I was helping with some playtesting during the development of the Codex, I was fortunate enough to get a precast of Saint Celestine. A real daunting mini. It is so good sculpted, that you can easily ruin the mini with a mediocre paint job.

The details are just breathtaking. I tooked pains to finish the 2 beautifully Cherubs. I wish all of GWs Cherubs would be that good...

The back of the mini is as good as the front. The flow of the robe is just so natural.

Canoness with Cherubs

I wanted my Canones armed with a Bolter - Melta weapon. Because of this I choose the Veteran Sister Model. She looks commanding enough IMO.








Celestian Squad

The work on my first Celestian squad is done so far. With their high Ballistic Skill they are equipped with a Multimelta and a Melta Gun. The Preacher is a converted Mordheim Sister of Sigmar. The Rhino got some extra armour plates from plasticard.

A new way to represent faith points on the table

I noticed the nice chubby Cherubs from Foundry. An idea struck me to use them as faith points on the table. Put as many Cherubs on the table as you have faith points. You can even deploy them with the corresponding character. Looks cool and helps you and the opponent. Only downside: not GW tournament legal!






One of my conversions. I am not really happy with the Forge World Exorcist. So - let’s do my very own design! Just click on the picture and you will se what parts I have used. On the right side you can watch the finished model.







Now you can compare the 2 models. I have also completed one of the “official” Forge World Exorcist. After completing the model with SoB doors and extra armour, I had spend a fortune but I like the model!








The Immolator for my Command Squad. Extra care was taken to make this vehicle stand out. Extra Armour made from Plasticard, Sandbag from a Tamiya kit, hand painted Ebon Chalice symbol on front armour and some nice and clean painting.







A Justice pattern Immolator. Complete with extra armour and a smoke launcher. The multimeltas are from a Space Marine Attack Bike. A painted the Ebon Chalice symbol on the middle extra armour, because there is no waterslide transfer big enough.







An Imperial Missionary. Determined to put the fear of the Emperor into everybody who is not believing in the true and holy light! I plan to use this fine model as a second Plasma Gun trooper for my hardened Veterans (Gaunt’s Ghost).








Converted female Preacher

One thing always bothered me a bit with the GW miniature line for the Sisters, there are no female preachers! Fortunately after the release of Mordheim, we have plenty of cool models to convert. I choose Bertha Bestraufung as the base for my conversion. Right hand was a simple weapon swap, away with the axe on with the Bolter (Deathwatch Marine pattern). Left hand - after long thoughts a decided to give her the book of the Witch hunter priest from Mordheim. To make her look more like 40K I added also a Sister backpack to her.

She will accompany a squad of Heavy Bolter armed Retributors, transported in an Exorcist.








The last mini I had to paint for my SoB army for the June 2003 40K GT. The wonderful Confessor model sculpted by Brian Nelson. A really nice miniature. I painted him in more or less the same paint scheme as my whole army.


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