Inquisitor Tyrus and Enforcer

2 54mm miniatures from GWs Inquistor range. Unfortunately I never came around to play the game...

Inquisitorial Storm Trooper

Three Inquisitorial Storm Trooper for both the Witch Hunter or the Daemonhunter forces. I really like the look of the IG Kasrkin Storm Trooper. It was however a pain to get to a colour scheme that I liked. I tried a camouflaged scheme (left) but in the end settled with a dark grey and red scheme. Both colours will complement the colours of my Grey Knights and Sisters of Battle.

Inquisitorial Death Cult Assassins

Three Deathcult Assassins for both the Witch Hunter or the Daemonhunter forces. I am not sure about there value on the gaming table but I like the minis. The left mini was painted by Steve Dean, while the other two minis are painted by me.

Witch Hunter Inquisitor

On the GW site are the first models shown from the upcoming Sister of Battle / Witch Hunter Codex. Since you probably all know that I have a SoB army, I decided it was about time to convert a suitable Inquisitor.

The conversion parts are all on the unpainted Photos described. The idea was to have a model that is suitable to hopefully everything that comes up in the Codex. The preview minis shown from GW had both a male and female Inquisitor with old fashioned burning Pistols. I tried to simulate that look. The force / energy weapon had to have a burning look to fit in the theme of the army.


For months a half painted conversion was sitting on my desk. Basically a very old Terminator Armour wearing Inquisitor from Jes Goodwin, armed with a force halberd and a psycannon from the current Grey Knight range. Works quite well for me

Sister Stern from the Daemonifuge comic. She also comes with a normal jump pack. I went again for the wing swap but painted them black to get a more sinister look.

Inquisitor Hand from the Daemonifuge comic. I painted him in the colours that are shown in the Inquis Exterminatus book. The miniature is from the limited edition diorama set with Sister Stern. I am planning to use him together with an Ordo Xenos Kill Team, using the Marine Captain rules for him.

Inquisitor Coteaz right out of the box. This minis was lying around since the release of the 1st Grey Knight Codex. After seeing the absolutely fantastic fan made CGI movie trailer for “LordI” I decided to dig him out of the “Lead Pile” TM and give him a red paintjob as shown in the trailer.

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