Necromunda Underhive - The 2017 re-release of the late 1990s classic Necromunda game Back in the days I had a Delaque and Redemption gang. Both are now sold but I still have found memories.

House Goliath

I am starting with the Goliaths. A gang I always laughed at since the original minis were IMO really bad. Todays multipart plastic minis are a totally different breed. Only thing that I still don’t like are the big mohawks, but no big deal, any excessive hair can be simply cut away. My gang will be based on the BANE aesthetics from the 3rd Batman movie. So here we go, first two minis painted:

And the next two:

And the Leader (or Champion):


House Escher

House Escher ganger with Lasgun. Nice sculpt but IMO not as good as the Goliath.

Way too big and showing the usual GW sculpting flaws, feet and hands are too big, cartoonish proportions, the Goliath physiques can be justified with the uncontrolled drug abuse, but why are the Escher as tall as a Space Marine?


House Van Saar

House Van Saar ganger with Melta- Laspistol. Really great sculpt, I a still unsure if I like van Saar better than Goliath.


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