40 K

Warhammer 40,000 is a a game of tabletop warfare set in the dark nightmare future of the 41st Millennium. There you command powerful armies of stalwart Space Marines, hard-bitten Imperial Guardsmen, bestial Orks or other deadly warriors as they struggle for survival across the battlefields of a thousand different worlds. Colossal mechanical war machines, crushing artillery and vast starships are also at your disposal to crush your enemies into nothingness.

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The gaming industry has expanded a bit over the last decades. Today we are totally spoiled, gone are the days when every terrain piece was a DIY piece. Why not take advantage? So I ordered a complete gaming table.
Above you see the 6'x4' G-Mat: Sands of Time together with the Badlands set from Gamemat.eu. Splendid service, everything arrived within a week. Highly recommended!

The set looks IMO very cool together with additional scenery like GWs Deathworld Forest!


Genestealer Hybrid

RT era Genestealer Hybrid.

RT era Genestealer Hybrid with old Space Hulk Stealer and current Stealer.

The Emperor

At the very core of the background story of Warhammer 40,000 stands the Emperor of all mankind. Strange but true, GW never brought out a mini for him! So when I saw the following mini on ebay I just needed him...



Space Orks

Just some Orks, another project I abondoned after some trial minis...


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