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New this week:

Back to Star Trek - Berverly Crusher joins the Away Team!




Keep on gaming, have fun and a nice week!
Agis Neugebauer, April 13 2019


New last weeks:

Back to Star Trek - a female Cyborg conversion and a Vulcan Task Force Omega Officer.




Again a new project - Raven Guard Vanguard Marines - 1st Infiltrator i painted.



A new project - Terminator - the dreaded T-1000, Connor and the Guardian.

3 more Soldier minis and the core game box is fully painted.


A new project - Terminator - some more HK-8 Flying "Buzzer" Drones.

3 more minis and the core game box is fully painted.

I also reposted some old Void 1.1 minis.

A new project - Terminator - Rise of the Resistance Board Game! This week some more T-800 Endoskeletons, some HK-8 Flying "Buzzer" Drones and Alex the hacker!



A new project - a Genestealer Cult for Kill Team! A started with two very old minis and a new Aberrant from the Overkill box.






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