Underworlds - Beastgrave

After hearing a lot of good things about Warhammer Underworlds I decided to give Beastgrave a try.


Grashrak’s Despoilers

Loathsome, unruly and driven by a savage thirst to destroy anything pure, Grashrak’s Despoilers are a brutal warband of gor-kin who would turn on each other in a moment if they weren’t already busy hating everyone else even more. To them, Beastgrave is no mystical marvel or store of hidden treasure, it’s simply another hunting ground where they can prove their deadly might and find new victims to tear asunder.

Grashrak Fellhoof and Draknar

Ushkor, Murghoth, Korsh ‘The Sneak’ and Gnarl



Gwynne Ironsoul is a formidable agent of the Sacrosanct Chambers. Ironsoul and her companions – Tavian of Sarnassus and the redoubtable Brodus Blightbane – are Sequitors of the Hammers of Sigmar, first and most storied of the God-King Sigmar’s Stormhosts.

These specialists channel the magical tempest of Azyr through their weapons. They are trained to battle the ethereal and the daemonic, but after straying within the bounds of the Dreadfane, even they may have found their match. They long sought a way to shatter its mechanisms and free themselves from its cruel grasp, and believed their quest successful when they finally set foot in the blood-soaked caverns of Ghur. Alas, Beastgrave would soon prove to be just another trap…

Gwynne Ironsoul right out of the Dreadfane box. I am really starting to like the aesthetics of Age of Sigmar, I dislike it for years, but these minis starting to grow on me. Maybe my more muted colour scheme is also helping...

And Tavian of Sarnassus from the Dreadfane box. Same colours, slightly battle damaged. I still did not like the HUGE shoulder pads, but the rest becomes more and more likeable.

The above mini is from the Dreadfane box - Brodus Blightbane. After listening to some of the AoS Gotrek novels I decided that I finally want to paint a Stormcast Eternal. I am still not totally at ease with the mini design, the shoulder pads remind me too much of 80s Warzone minis. Anyway, I chose a darker look to also use him as a stand-in for Trachos the companion of Gortrek.


Brought to Beastgrave by a vast wyrmaggot, The Wurmspat are a warband of Nurgle Rotbringers who seek to reverse the Katophrane Curse, seeing it as anathema to Nurgle’s endless cycle of death and rebirth. Unfortunately for Beastgrave’s other inhabitants, they’re going about their holy work by spreading as much filth as possible…

Ghulgoch the Butcher is big, tough and very choppy – just as you’d expect a Putrid Blightking to be!

Fecula Flyblown is the leader of The Wurmspat, and boasts an excellent attacking spell in Stream of Corruption.

And the the Nurgelish cat familiar of Fecula. I found the little fella too “cute” to have it simply as a base accessory on Feculas base!


Sepsimus, Plaguesworn trades Ghulgoch’s reliability for some always-welcome range, making him a decent threat that’s great for picking off enemy fighters that dare to flee from Nurgle’s love. The mini is a small conversion, I used the head and left arm of two HATE Tribe of Sarrassa minis as shown below.
The idea is a Nurgle warrior who spend too much time in the Beastgrave and gets overgrown by plants.


Lady Harrow’s Mournflight

The Myrmourn Banshee known as Lady Harrow was long ago tasked by almighty Nagash with hunting down intruders in the Mirrored City. The Great Necromancer cursed her with a desperate hunger for arcane energies, and so she seeks out sorcerers and witches with especial vigour.

Lady Harrow is accompanied in her mission by a retinue of fellow Banshees, all of whom share her obsessive need for magical sustenance. At Nagash’s command, they sought to feed upon the foolish Stormcast Eternals who dared to trespass into Nagash’s prison. Their compulsion saw them pursue their victims into the echoing caverns of Beastgrave, where they have found a bounty of new sensations. Such is the Lord of Undeath’s curse, however, that their hunger can never be sated.


Spiteclaw’s Swarm

Malicious and devious ratmen in thrall to Chaos, the Skaven are seemingly innumerable and blight every corner of the Mirrored City. Skritch Spiteclaw leads a particularly murderous band, searching for trinkets to loot and an escape route by which he can claw his way to freedom.

Small conversion by me, I swapped Spiteclaws head to a Nezumi head. I always liked asian themd Ratmen, especially from the L5R background, were they are not as twisted and evil.

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