Warpgate travelling Air Force Members and SciFi Egyptians...

The story behind the minis: MoFo discontinued their SG line after only 1 pack. Just after the first pack came out some overall legal hassle began about IP rights. To avoid any complications MoFo discontinued their line immediately. The second pack with Sam and the loyal Jaffa was already sculpted at this moment. The few precast that were available were then given away at a gift to valued customers and friends. I was lucky enough to get one. The whole line is now no more available. Very sad since some of the minis are just breathtakingly good.

The full content of MoFo’s SG1 miniature pack in action!

The above pictured Sci-Fi Egyptian Armoured Warriors and the First One below are from the discontinued Eureka minis.

MoFo has ventured into Sci-Fi. Highly detailed SF Egyptians that has a certain similarity to a SF TV series. If you like the TV series these minis are highly recommended.

The Sci-Fi Egyptian Armoured Warriors from Eureka work very well with the MoFo minis and gives you some variation.

To the left is the SG Team Leader and the civilian Researcher / Specialist, further down the false Gods.















15mm gate travelling Air Force Members and SciFi Egyptians

The same venture /theme in 15mm by GZG.

MALP Mk V stand in

Group shot

Downed Pilots from MoFo









Two downed Pilots from MoFo’s Mogadishu range. These minis are ideally for objective markers. MoFo is Gripping Beast’s modern miniature line. Well worth a look. A bit smaller then TAG’s minis, but still OK together. (As you can see on the photo; the building is from Hovels 25mm line BTW.)

Some more downed pilots. This time in green jump suits. These are the second part of the 1.9 pack from the MoFo range.


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