20mm PLA China


Recently I got also interested in 20mm modern miniatures, basically just because you have so much more miniatures and models to choose from.

For infantry minis you canít go wrong with Liberation minis. They feature a HUGE range to choose from.

The minis shown is from their Somali Delta Force range. (Shown beside a TAG Ranger for size comparison).











Another good choice are Britannia minis, they do not feature such a big selection, but have some nice Afghans that work very well with the Liberation minis.

Sands Models Chinese PLA WZ-551 APC

The model is a 20mm (1/72) resin kit. The tires and the turret has to be attached, the gun is metal cast. The kit suffers from some air bubbles (nothing some putty canít fix) but is otherwise a very nice one!

For scale comparison you can see the WZ-551 together with some Britannia Afghans.

Chinese Type 99 MBT

Another 20mm (1/72) resin kit from (S&S) Sands Models. So far the best Sands model I have built. 4 resin pieces (hull, tracks and turret) with metal gun barrel, GPMG and some other gadgets. My kit suffered from very little air bubbles.

For scale comparison you can see the Type 99 together with the WZ-551.

Chinese modern Infantry

20mm (1/72) metal infantry from (S&S) Sands Models. Nice PLA infantry sculpts with very little flash. They compliment the resin vehicles very nicely!

You can see the S&S minis together with Caesars soft plastic PLA minis below (left 3 minis are Caesar). They work OK with each other. The Caesar sculpts are a little bit more detailed, but are suffering from a limited amount of weapons and the soft plastic that is unfortunately so common. On the gaming table the S&S ones look much better.


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