The land of Kislev lies to the north and east of the Empire. As one travels eastwards the dense forests give way to open steppes stretching to the foothills of the World Edge Mountains. Beyond these formidable peaks lie barren wastes inhabited by tribes of greenskins of which the wolf-borne Hobgoblin hordes are the most numerous. To the north lies the desolate boulder-strewn Troll Country and beyond regions blighted by Chaos. It is said that in Kislev the winters are long and harsh, snow lies deep over the land and enemies are never far away.

Kislevites are savage and uncouth then this is hardly surprising given the dangers that surround them. Throughout its history Kislev has been beset by terrible foes, Chaos to the north, Hobgoblins to the east, and Orcs and Goblins from the Worlds Edge Mountains.

The Kislev range of Warmaster minis were unfortunately only available for a short amount of time. The Horse Archer are rare never mass produced pre-cast miniatures from Games Workshop. The official Kislev minis had a slightly different look.

Same is true for the Winged Lancer. Please note that the Banner is actually made from paper!

The War Wagon is just a beautiful miniature that went into production without change.

Same is true for the Bears...


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