The game really got me back in 2006. Unfortunately for me - once the 1st rulebook got out it just became a bit too complicated for me. But since I always loved the minis I stayed in touch and bought some minis here and there.


I really liked the Outrage comic (I am still hoping for a A4 sized colour version!). I also ordered the minis and started with Knauf.


I just started some Haqqislan Ghulams.

I liked the mini before, but after painting it, I am simply blown away by the quality of the sculpt. The minis are still a big pain deep down below to assemble.  But once done, you are rewarded! As always with Infinity I muted the colours a bit.

Next Ghulam, the female fighter.

Last of the 3 Ghulam from the Red Veil box, the knife fighter.

Yu Jing

I also took the opportunity to rephotograph my 2006/2007 Yu Jing force. So here you go, old school Yu Jing.


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