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Zombicide - Marvel Zombies

When the zombie plague strikes, not even Earth’s mightiest heroes are safe. Marvel Zombies is a cooperative board game for 1 to 6 players, based on the core mechanics of the smash hit Zombicide series, bringing non-stop zombie action to the Marvel universe. The original art by comics legend Marco Checchetto is brought to life in amazing game pieces depicting the iconic Marvel characters in glorious (and often gory) detail. Fight the insatiable hunger, for heroes never die, they just change.

What can I say, I like Marvel Superheroes for roughly 50 years now, I also liked the Marvel Zombie comics and I like Zombicide, so backing this Kickstarter was - for me - a no-”brainer” (pun intended).  ;)

I received my core box last week, so time to paint some Super Zs! Below is the hungriest of them all - the Hulk!
An incredible brutal minis, as it is fitting for a zombie infected Hulk. And - the casting quality has improved, almost no flash to clean up!


Zombie Captain America joins the fight!!
Also an incredible gory mini, lots of details, like the ripped off Winter Soldier arm or Hydra logo on the base.

Zombie Iron Man joins the undead “heroes”!
Hulkbuster and normal Iron Man head on the base. I like it!

Zombie Wasp!


Zombie Captain Marvel
A nice mini, IMO a bit uninspired, but I might be biased since I am not a Cap Marvel fan...


Zombie Deadpool
Holding a Hydra agents head and kneeling on a big bunch of money - he IS THE MAN.


X-Men Restistance
Sabretooth, Magneto and Mystique

Bolivar Trask and his creation - the Sentinel. Cool thing, you can add Sentinels as enemies or play the above Sentinel as the reprogrammed guardian “Nana”.


Zombie Guardians of the Galaxy
Just some of the coolest Zombies of them all.



My first Bystanders, fitting to the SHIELD troops I painted Agents Sharon Carter and Phil Coulson.

I already had a Hero Clix Coulson and May, funny how nice they fit together.



Two Guards


Stand Ins

3D printed Hydra Stomper and Captain Carter, I will use them as Iron Man and Captain America stand ins.

Anther gorgeous Skullforge 3D sculpt, I loved the animated episode in What If and even more her live action appearance in the last Dr Strange movie!

And two more Skullforge 3D sculpts, Dumdum Doogan and Bucky!


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