Ynnari Corsairs

New project, Ynnari Eldar Corsairs. I really like the new Ynnari faction, the back story to establish the new faction was very nice. Since Yvraine was also a pirate in her story I decided to build a core force of corsair from the Void Dragon faction.

So without further blah blah... a mixture of now OOP Forge World Void Dragon minis and the 2022 Voidscarred Corsairs.

Lasblaster Corsairs with jump packs, the mini in the middle is from the new Voidscarred Corsair box, heavy gunner with wraithcannon. On the picture below you can see the nice dragon cloak, I really like these small details!

Lasblaster Corsair with jump packs, the mini in the middle is armed with a Dark Eldar Shredder, I am planning  squads, each 5 member strong. One squad Shardcarbines and Shredder next two Lasblaster and Shuriken Cannon.

The Yncarne - Avatar of Ynnead. Painted by Peter Zuidgeest of Scar’s Minis and some retouches here and there by me. The Yncarne is the Avatar of the newly awakened Eldar God Ynnead.

“Yncarne was the first step to the Seventh Path, a method of awakening Ynnead without sacrificing the entire Eldar race. However, his birth required the sacrifice of many souls within Biel-Tan's Infinity Circuit. Nonetheless, the leader of the Ynnari, Yvraine, successfully undertook the ritual and Yncarne was able to save Biel-tan's remaining Infinity Circuit from The Masque. After its birth, Yncarne fought alongside the Ynnari on their quest for the Crone Swords.

However, while on the way to Kalisus, the Ynnari were assailed by the Thousand Sons of Ahriman. Though successful in fighting off the Chaos Space Marines, Yncarne went missing after the battle.”

1st squad finished. The Shredder Corsair will eventually be replaced by a Shuriken Cannon Corsair. The leader is a mixture of plastic Guardian parts, a Drukhari head and FW Corsair parts.

And since I just loved the corsair jetbikes from FW I also finished one with a Dissonance cannon.

For the 1st time since early 2000 I used my airbrush again to create the dragon scales on the bike canopy. I used Anarchy HS stencils, just watch one of their YouTube videos to see how it is done, I was totally amazed how well it worked.


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