Imperial Navy

Imperial Navy - Air Force

All Imperial air forces come under the direct command of the Imperial Navy and not the Imperial Guard. With one exception - see “Double Eagle”.

These aircraft are able to provide the ground troops with much appreciated aerial support. Imperial Guard commanders are able to contact Lightning Strike Fighters to sweep in and break up enemy armoured formations, or to have the Marauder Bomber eliminate enemy fortifications.

After reading Dan Abnett’s superb “Double Eagle” book I decided that it is about time to paint some Epic flyers.

My first model is the Thunderbolt. Since I am also a big fan of alternate history WWII, I could not resist the temptation to paint the Thunderbolt in German colours and markings.

In a way it also fits the above mentioned book, since Double Eagle is hugely based on the the air Battle over Britain in WWII.




Primaris-Lightning Fighter

OOP Forge World Lightning Fighter


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