GK Conversion

Grey Knights Chapter Master Conversion

GW provided me recently the new Marneus Calgar miniature as a thanks for some freelance paint jobs I did for them.

The mini is definitely an impressive piece of lead. The mini alone tempted me to start an Ultramarine army. On the other side I was lured to do a conversion based on Marneus. The conversion idea was victorious. Marneus has a strong forward moving, very dynamic pose. I enhanced this pose by creating a custom base for him. The Imperial aquila is pressed in the very concrete wall he is standing on. Beneath him are the remnants of a Chaos Space Marine.
All Ultramarine Symbols are covered with greenstuff. Both arms are replaced with Grey Knight Terminator arms. So far I like the pose. The painted mini is further down...


Great fun was the base. The base you are getting with Marneus has a slightly sloped surface with some Ultramarine Iconography on it. I wanted the Imperial Eagle on the base, so I cut a piece of plasticard in shape, applied a 1 mm layer of Milliput and pressed the Eagle of a Thunderhawk Gunship into the Bases. Voila - Eagle bases accomplished...


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